Be Yates

Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Be Yates, M.A.

Clinical Sexologist &

Certified Sex Coach

Love Your Life…..

Inside and Outside the Bedroom

Creating Learning Opportunities

My purpose is to create learning opportunities for men, women and couples who are interested in experiencing more freedom, pleasure and heart centered connection in their sexuality and intimacy. I combine bodywork, relational exercises, energy work, somatic awareness and transformational communication.

Safe, Accepting Environment

I provide a structured, accepting, loving environment for you to feel safe to ask questions you may have always been afraid to ask. It is my highest intention that our work together supports you in creating and experiencing the life you truly desire.

I came to Be because I wanted to improve and enjoy my sex life more. She is knowledgeable, professional, personable, and full of love for her clients and her work. I had 4 sessions over the course of a month, learned so many things that have made a real difference in my sex life, and will miss not seeing her regularly. I feel more confident and use what I learned right away.


Age 37

I worked with Be to overcome my fear of intimacy.  I’ve put up barriers or have not been completely present in my relationships.  I have missed out on experiencing some of life’s sacred moments and has caused me a great deal of pain.  I decided to confront my fears and challenge my conventions. She creates a safe place where I felt free to be me without judgment.  Be is wise, compassionate, and exudes beauty both inside and out.   She truly wants to help and I believe she genuinely wants me to find peace in my heart.   Thank you for helping me Be Yates!


Age 32

I came into the experience with a bit of an attitude and an ego rather than having a heart of learning and understanding. I felt I wanted to prove myself to you. But when I met you, it was very apparent that you had no ego. You did not boast or gloat about their experiences like so many people. Instead I saw a powerful individual, undefended by gender or stereotypes. I saw someone that had built an incredible organization without an ego. And most importantly, I felt like I wasn’t judged for having one myself.


Age 27